If there are openings, you can begin any time.

Lesson Frequency

During the school year, lessons are held weekly. During July and August, frequency is up to the student. There are no lessons during the usual school break weeks. (See the calendar).

We don't offer lessons every other week. In past, we have found that biweekly lessons are much less effective — teacher guidance is too far apart to ensure a good rate of progress.

Lesson Length

You may sign up for lessons that 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. Longer lessons are possible for advanced students. You will be advised on what lesson length is best, but generally 30 minutes is appropriate for beginners, 45 minutes for intermediate players, and 60 minutes+ for advanced. This can vary by the individual, though.

Trial Lesson

A trial lesson is an excellent way to see what lessons will be like. Send a message to request one. A trial lesson is $30, or $35 if in your home.

Adult Students

Piano lessons aren't just for kids! Whether you're completely new to piano, returning after many years, or taking your studies further, music is a wonderful addition to life at any stage.


One need not have any prior experience in music or piano, but you should have an instrument at home on which to practice. A real piano (acoustic) is always best, but an electronic keyboard can suffice for beginners.

You should have the time to be able to practice daily or so.