Pricing & Policies

2023-2024 Fall & Spring Tuition

Tuition is paid by the semester and covers lessons over 17 weeks. If you have registered for the Fall semester, your registration and lesson time will be automatically carried over to the Spring semester upon payment. During summer, scheduling is flexible and lessons are scheduled when both student and teacher are available.

Lessons in your home

Lessons at the studio


By registering for lessons, you agree to the following policies. All requests, such as stopping lessons and changing lesson times, should be made in writing to the studio director.

Key Points

The following list summarizes the most important policies to remember, but please read all of the following sections below in full.


All inquiries, including scheduling and billing, should be made to the studio director, except:


To register, pay the registration fee and semester tuition. The deadline is one week before the start of the semester. The registration fee covers the whole year and does not need to be paid again for the Spring Semester.

Current students are eligible to pre-register in Spring for the following Fall semester. The deadline to pre-register is June 15.

Lesson Time

Lesson times are considered fixed for the school year (Fall and Spring). Although a request to change your lesson time during the school year is possible, it cannot be guaranteed as it is subject to teacher availability. If needing to switch times and your teacher isn't free when works for you, we'll try to switch you to another teacher. No refunds can be given if your lesson time no longer works and an alternative time or teacher cannot be found.

Rescheduling and Make-up Lessons

If you can't make a lesson, once per semester you will be offered a make-up lesson to be scheduled during the make-up week.

For adult students, in addition to the make-up lesson, once per semester you are permitted to request to reschedule a lesson that you cannot attend, provided you give one week's notice. Requests should be sent to the studio director. Rescheduling is dependent on the availability of your teacher, so it may not always be possible. If a request cannot be fulfilled, you can carry it forward as the make-up lesson for the semester.

Withdrawal and Refunds

Payments are non-refundable, except for the following situations:

Registration fees are non-refundable.


You will be sent an invoice. Payment must be made by check, written out to Thomas Foster, and either dropped of in person to the studio director (Thomas Foster), or mailed to:

Porter Square Piano Studio
16 Chauncy St. Apt. B
Cambridge, MA 02138


Fall & Spring Semester Payment: One week before the start of the semester.

Current Students Pre-registration: June 15.


School Year Registration Fee: $30

Summer Semester Registration Fee: $15

Late Registration Fee: $40

Late Payment Fee: $25